Our background comes from being an exhibitor at wedding fairs ourselves, we believe this gives us a good idea of what both exhibitors & brides need & expect.

We started off rescuing our local wedding fair which was due to be cancelled as no-one was available to organise it - we stepped in at the last minute & everyone agreed it was a success! We were also becoming disillusioned with other wedding fairs being poorly attended & having to pay huge amounts of money just to attend (something which our exhibitors have often felt before attending our fairs.)

From there we have fortunately gone from strength to strength with us being asked by people to run fairs in various locations - we believe in advertising our fairs well so everyone knows they are happening & charging a fair price to exhibit. This money goes into paying for the promotion of the event.

We always extensively advertise in the local papers surrounding the fair & have large advertisements in The Wedding Planner Magazine who also run our registration for us. They are able to provide details of the brides who attended the fair after the event which any exhibitor receives.

We also now put road signs up prior to the event which when recently done everyone agreed was a great bonus & reminded people on the days leading up to the event.

Please read our exhibitor quotes which I can assure you are all genuine comments!

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